Yoga classes

Many of you practice yoga and it would be a pity not to do it on Butik Festival surrounded by beautiful nature. So these three amazing ladies came to help! We will have 3 free yoga classes throughout the festival.

Don’t forget to bring your yoga mat!


1st session: Morning yoga with Samantha

Saturday, 11am

Samantha is a certified yoga instructor with more than 5 years of experience in leading group fitness classes. It makes her happy to see each and every participant discover something new about their body. You will sure leave the class with a smile on your face, because hers is contageous. And because of good morning stretch of course!


2nd session: Afternoon acro yoga with Lea

Saturday, 5pm

Akro-yoga is neither acrobatic nor yoga. It is their mutual interweaving. Interweaving skills, where we listen to our own and partner’s body, we move in the common connection of both, we recognize our limits of capability, communicate with our flexibility and power, and trust our base or flyer.

The workshop will be led by Lea Lah, the founder of the DAP – Društvo Akrojoga Ptuj.


3rd session: Morning yoga with Maja

Sunday, 11am

Vinyasa flow yoga makes sure you sweat a little, grow stronger, stretch, and are aware of yourself. It is a more intense form of yoga with an emphasis on the smooth passage between the asanas, but with all elements of hatha yoga: pranayama, mantras, deep relaxation and meditation. The key is breath and movement – the more they are connected, the better you will be! For yoga practice, you need an open heart and a desire to learn. Mobility and pre-knowledge are not necessary.

Maja is co-founder and teacher at Prečna Joga studio.

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