Butik Festival 2019

Butik is a fresh electronic music festival with a simple goal to unite like-minded people, enthusiast and music lovers with prolific culture and beautiful landscape.

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  /  Nur Jaber

Nur Jaber

Growing up playing the drums and bass guitar this talented Producer/DJ’s powerful musical roots saw her arrive in Berlin in 2010 and find her way into the house and techno clubs of this magical city.

Originally coming from a beautiful yet troubled homeland of Beirut, Lebanon, the
cultural experiences have without a doubt inspired and enriched her music always
having deeper messages and meanings. She gained a plethora of valuable
experiences at Boston’s Berklee College of Music over the summers. She moved
more towards electronic music, in particular, music that makes you dance!
The last few years have certainly been busy for this Berlin resident.
She continues to grow as a DJ and artist, playing some shows with live vocals over her DJ sets.

2017 ended with her debut at Parisian club Concrete & 2018 started with a debut
show in Shanghai, China where the scene is currently growing rapidly leading to
what will surely be a full tour in Asia later in the year.

2018 will also see her debut ALBUM release which tends to diverge from the typical
club-focused EPs that we’ve already seen on her label. This is paired with a remix
package featuring some of the artists who have most inspired and supported her
music. She also has her first Berghain show of the year in February followed by
some excellent club shows & festivals over the year (including Reaktor (Amsterdam) / 7001Festival (near Berlin)/ closing De School, Amsterdam during ADE, Timeshift in Bologna, Blitz in Munich and many more.

We can surely expect more emotional and energetic productions as well musically
varied and journey-like DJ sets that hold no genre limitations.