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Butik Festival is located at Soča Valley, one of the most attractive and well-hidden Slovenian destinations, which will give goosebumps to even the most demanding guests. The festival area is located near the town of Tolmin on the confluence of two emerald green rivers – Soča and Tolminka. The day and night festive activities will be spread across multiple indoor and outdoor venues, which will take partygoers on a exclusive adventure. Besides the rich musical program, the attendees can enjoy the local culinary cuisine, different sports activities, social events and workshops.

This boutique location wouldn’t be perfect without a carefully planned music programme, which will unite international starts with domestic talent. The second phase announcement reveals Romanian prodigy Raresh alongside his colleague Priku and techno talent Nur Jaber which will be joined by already announced Etapp Kyle, Cassy and Janeret. The list of native and local artists is no less impressive and includes the likes of Nevena Jeremić, Ian F., Jogarde, Aney F., Coeus, Brlee, Alex Ranerro, Urban Jeram and many others. 

The Romanian master Raresh, who has been discovered by Ricardo Villalobos more than decade ago, is slowly taking over the world of minimal house and techno. His flawless mixing skills and carefully selected discography will most likely come to expression in the long marathon sets which will start somewhere in the middle of the night and continue well into the dawn. Either as a solo or as a part of [a:rpia:r] trio with Rhadoo and Petre Inspirescu, Raresh is always exciting to watch and even more pleasant to listen. After his last gig in Slovenia, which back in 2013, Butik with Raresh seemed like a story that had to happen.

Adrian Niculae, better known as Priku, is leading the younger wave of fresh Romanian DJs and producers. He plays and has played in Romania’s premier clubs and he’s also a regular at big festivals such as Sunwaves, Into The Woods and Mioritmic as well as clubs around the globe. His music have been released on imprints such as Concrete Music, Fabric or Arpiar, just to mention few. Due to high praises for his unique sound he recently started his own label Motif. With two EPs with his name on them already out, Priku’s first album is sure to follow.

Originally from Beirut, Lebanon, Nur Jaber found her new home at the European epicenter of electronic music scene; Berlin. The broad cultural experiences have without a doubt inspired and enriched her music with deeper messages and meanings. The last few years have propelled her into the top Berliner prospects playing gigs and shows in clubs such as Berghain, Concrete, tours in Asia as well as festivals Reaktor, Timeshift, 7001Festvial and many others. In 2015 she founded OSF imprint together with her sister Designer & Visual Artist Yasmine Jaber.

Guy J is one of the most prominent acts within the current electronic music scene. The Tel Aviv’s finest has amassed a vast discography within an eclectic list of world- renowned imprints. His own Lost & Found label has been delivering superb music that sets the trends over and over again. He’s been approved and supported by house, techno and trance enthusiasts around the globe. “I need every track to be real and honest to my feelings”, says Guy J and we simply couldn’t find a better place for his debut Slovenian gig.

The Ostgut Ton artist Etapp Kyle will present his unique dark, spacious and ultra- detailed techno. Ukraine born and based in Berlin, Etapp has steadily crafted his signature. An established artist in his own right he plays peak-time, opening, or closing slots at some of the world’s finest institutions. Whether it was Moscow’s Arma 17, Parisian Rex Club or his home court Berghain, Etapp redefines the meaningful techno grooves with his presence and style.

Cassy’s lifelong love affair with music makes her one of the most respected selectors of her generation. A dynamic, passionate DJ with an encyclopedic knowledge of electronic music history and a record bag to match it, she can dig deep in any given situation, bringing good vibes and contagious energy to the dance floor. With past residencies at Panorama Bar, Trouw, DC-10 and Rex Club, as well as an exhaustive list of the world’s most influential club spaces on her resume, Cassy is an unrelenting ball of positivity behind the decks, delivering high quality to every dance floor she plays to.

Parisian talent Janeret presents the new fresh wave of French electronic music producers that are taking over the world by storm. As a part of Yoyaku organization, Mickael is crafting his signature sound full of dubby grooves, mixed with ambient feelings and topped with house influence. He heads up vinyl only Joule Imprint where he releases his own material as well as music from other respectful colleagues. In the last year or so, Janeret travelled the world from Australia to the US, showcasing his sheer talent and dedication to others.

One of the main goals of Butik festival is to present the local cultural heritage, beautiful landscape, culinary experience and of course, music talents. The list of domestic artists that will perform at the festival is truly impressive: Alex Ranerro, Aney F., Brlee, Coeus, Christian Kroupa, Dipsas, Eliaz (Live), Evident, Ian F., Jogarde, Kosheer, Kosta, Limc, Mayell, Moare, Mornik, Nevena Jeremić, R. Bade, RSN, Tim Kern, Trulson, Tzena, Urban Jeram, Vassallo and Vid Vai. These acts are proving to be the future of the Ex-Yu colony with their musical projects, labels, brands and organizations such as SOLVD, Innocent Music, Adriatic Coasting, LuckIsOn, Past Present, Just Us, TMFS, Phi, REMM and Overload.

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