Butik Festival x Reinkarmika

One of Butik’s commitments is also to be an environmental friendly event. When we started to think about our merchandise we realised that printing our own t-shirts is not really aligned with our zero-waste vision. Then we met Karmen Koren, a young designer from our valley who runs a second-hand shop and is redesigning old clothes into new trendy and unique clothes. We got an idea.

What if we make Butik patches that you could put on any piece of clothing? It can be a t-shirt you already own or a second-hand piece that you pick from Karmen’s shop. She will have a pop-up second hand shop at Butik marketplace. Not only that! There will also be a sewing machine and Karmen will put the patch on desired piece right there in front of you. This will make every piece of Butik merch totally unique.

Make sure that you visit her stand at the festival. She’s the loveliest person ever. 🖤

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