Butik Festival 2020 postponed to 2021

Dear People of Butik,

After last year’s first edition of the festival, we were looking forward to the Butik Festival 2020 even more. Butik 2019 was a truly magical experience also for us, the organizers – seeing people from all over Europe enjoying the music we love in our beloved hometown, at this beautiful festival location. Our hearts are still full and we would like to thank everyone who showed us support right from the beginning of Butik again. We would also like to thank those who already bought tickets for Butik this summer. 

Unfortunately, we cannot make the Butik Festival happen this year. Slovenian government does not provide us any official information about when events will be possible again, but there is some unofficial information that it will not be possible until the end of the year. We also don’t know when borders will reopen. There are so many unknowns at the moment. Too many to organize a festival. It seems like the whole summer of 2020 is being postponed to 2021, and so is our festival. 

Butik Festival 2020 is being postponed to 15 – 18 July 2021. 

We already confirmed the new date with most artists, so we will work on keeping the line-up exactly as planned for 2020. We now have even more time to work on the second edition and we will work even harder to make it worth the wait. 

Needless to say, organizing a festival is a big financial bite, first years are always the hardest and usually in red numbers. We will work our asses off to get through this crisis and Butik Festival 2021 is at no risk. However, we are kindly asking you to help us out a little bit. 

Those who have already bought tickets for Butik Festival 2020, please do not ask for your ticket refund, but rather transfer your ticket to 2021 – this will happen automatically, meaning that all Butik Festival 2020 tickets are valid for Butik Festival 2021. This is all we need to make it through these hard times. In case you can’t attend the festival next year, please sell your ticket to someone else and help us this way. We hope we are not asking for too much. In case you would still like your ticket to be refunded please drop us an email at info@butikfestival.com until the end of May.

We know that many of you hoped to be able to come to Tolmin this year and we are so sorry that it won’t happen. The whole scene – artists, nightclubs, and all kinds of events is hit hard, but we at least try to believe that a lot of good music will come out of this and hope that we will be able to enjoy it on dance floors around the world soon. 

Thank you. 

Your Butik team. 

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